Alternatives to Screenflow?

My old versaion of Screenflow needs updating, so before I spend on that, I’m wondering if there are any alternatives out there worth considering?

I need to record the screen and mic, with an inset recording from my webcam. Nothing fancy. I tend to do the editing in iMvoie, so it doesn’t need an editing suite.

Cleanshot X is an excellent screen capture and recording app and it’s fine for simple stuff. However, if I want to do anything more complicated, I do use Screenflow.

I did update to Screenflow 10 at the discounted update rate, but it took me a while to make that decision. I don’t use it very often I must admit.

However, I use Cleanshot dozens of time a day for screen shots, but only occasionally for video capture.

I use Cleanshot X also and I think it is excellent. If you want the more full featured toolbox for editing screen capture videos you might try one of the iShowU products - see here:

I have used iShowU Instant - it’s also excellent and and the developer is very responsive. iShowU STudio has more editing features but both programs also record natively to ProRes which is a plus if you finish in iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

I love CleanShotX! Great product and well worth getting if you do screenshots that need annotations added. Lots of great features. Plus it’s great for short screencasts (1-2 min maximum).

… but for regular screencasts Screenflow is still my favorite by far. Does a great job. I don’t remember all the new features in version 10 as I upgraded a few months ago. The only strange thing I find in @TemplateRepo 's post is doing the editing in iMovie. Why? Editing in Screenflow is a breeze, keyboard centric, and so smooth. It seems going backwards to do the editing in iMovie. Is there a good reason for this? Is it just editing with what you already know? If so, give editing in Screenflow a try.

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Why? Good question, but it’s mostly habit. Granted iMovie is a bit of a monster, but I’ve used it for years, decades even, so know my way around it. I did try editing in Screenflow 7, but hated it.

Regardless, a certain person who shall rename nameless but who has a fondness for ducks put me on to something, which is £12 in the Black Friday sale, and it’s absolutely perfect for wht I need, so sorted now. Thanks.

Care to share the name of this mysterious £12.00 product and its location? :sunglasses:

Well Ok then :wink:

Capto. Capto - Screen Capture and Video Editing Software for Mac

It’s basic, but does exactly what I need and is really really easy to use. I’ve been making how-to videos with it for the last few hours with zero issues and an almost flat learning curve.

Black Friday deal makes it a whooping £12.


Wait until Black Friday and purchase camtasia.

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It’s currently listing at £259. I thinking no matter how good the BF deal, it ain’t gonna beat £12!

I’m sure it’s brilliant, but it’d most likely be massive overkill for what I need.

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I am using Screen Studio from the App Store. does what I what I need