Screenflow bargain anywhere?

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Anyone know of any deals / bundles/ coupons going on Screenflow anywhere?


(NeilUK) #2

I’m not sure about Screenflow, but Screenium 3.2 has just been released with a 50% discount

(Barrie McDermid) #3

Good price! How does it compare to Screenflow?

(Martyn Coles) #4

You could try the demo :wink:

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Brilliant. Thanks NeilUK. Glad I asked!
screenium looks like it is just what I need.
I’ll report back when I have tried it. Looks like you just saved me almost $100 !

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

The professional standard apps these days are Camtasia and Screenflow. I believe I’ve seen Screenflow on sale in small windows of time (only around Thanksgiving for the “blank Monday” sales). And even then I believe the sale price was only 20% off.

I love Screenflow. If you’re serious about screencasting then Screenflow or Camtasia are (realistically) your only options.

… however, depending on your very specific needs a product like Screenium may serve all your purposes.

But if you need something more powerful, and if Screenflow is the best option for you, then I wouldn’t wait until Nov/Dec to buy it!

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Thanks so much. I agree … Screenflo rocks.
But right now all I need is the ability to make a quick instruction video of a few minutes, no bells and whistles but not built in quicktime app. Also cash is crucial at the moment.
So for today looks like Screenium is perfect for me. (havn’t finished checking it out quite yet)
If down the line I get into making more fancy tutorials I will spring for Screenflow.

(Mathew Mitchell) #8

Sounds quite reasonable! Good luck with the videos.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #9

I am for Camtasia. SnagIt also has screencast capabilities for video, btw. Demo also available.

(Mathew Mitchell) #10

Yes, Camtasia is great also. I was just testing SnagIt and it does fine for recording, but I’m not seeing any way to edit videos with SnagIt. It has lots of ways to edit/annotate still images. Am I missing something?

… or perhaps video capture is a “teaser” for the greater capabilities in Camtasia.

If you are an educator TechSmith has very good discounts on both products. Screenflow has a more modest discount for educators.

Update: well, you can edit out portions. But you can’t add annotations, text, and other things as you can with Camtasia or Screenflow.

(Will Woodgate) #11

I got Screenflow many years ago in a software bundle - I think it was in MacUpdate or MacHeist. Since then I have been ‘grandfathered’ into the upgrade pricing for each major release.

Admittedly I have not used the other suggested software titles. For me personally, I like the fact Screenflow is a general purpose video editor and the free webinars they periodically do are mighty useful.

Depending on what your video editing requirements are, I have also had good success with the free apps GoPro make. Very simple to follow and I don’t think you necessarily need to own a GoPro action camera to download the apps - although it is still nice to have a GoPro! :sunglasses:

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