Alternatives to Sitemap Plus?

We love sitemap Plus. We have installed it on over 100 websites. It has a spreadsheet view of all pages and quick access to SEO areas - Browser titles, meta descriptions, urls, etc. Also enables turning on and off indexing for each page.

It’s currently not working with the Catalina update. I heard @isaiah is working on a solution? The main issue with this is that we can’t edit any of the many sites that have this plugin without an error “missing sitemap plus plugin”.

Are there any other alternatives to the SEO healthcheck and individually adjusting every page individually?

Have you tried the beta update?

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Joe Workman’s SEO Helper 2 gets my vote.


If the beta version David (@thang) mentioned doesn’t work for you you might give Integrity Plus a spin. It not a RapidWeaver Addon but a stand-alone Mac application.

It scans any site(not just RapidWeaver sites) and builds a complete sitemap. The sitemap includes pages external to RapidWeaver, from things like Poster stack, Armadillo or any CMS.

It also does a complete scan for broken external links. It gives you a detailed report so you can find a repair or remove old broken links(link rot). That can improve your users experience and help with SEO.

All that for $15.


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