Move several stacks at once - how?

(Wondrous) #1

How it is possible to move at once some stacks on page? You need to transfer several stacks to another, but how can this be easiest to do to not drag one at a time?

(Lisa Sandler) #2

The only way to do this is to make a partial, then copy the partial.

(Dylan Banks) #3

Or stick them in one column and copy that over.

(Mathew Mitchell) #4

I can’t tell if you are moving stacks from one location on a page to another location on the same page, or to a different page.

First, partials rock! Learn about them if you aren’t familiar.

However, for organization within a page I tend to take advantage of the 1 column stack: put relelvant stacks into a 1 column, then copy/paste somewhere else on same page or another page.

… this only covers moving. If you want the content to be the same in 2+ places (even with future changes) then partials are the way to go.

(Lisa Sandler) #5

Yes, you have to drag each stack into the 1 col… Which can still be time consuming if you don’t start out that way and are backtracking.

(Wondrous) #6

Thanks for all answers.

Speech, of course, about transferring several stacks on one page. It’s just strange and incomprehensible why you can not hold the button CMD select several stacks and move them higher or lower.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

I believe this is something that Yourhead wants to include, but you can always give Isaiah and his team ideas about future versions of the Stacks plugin on their slack channel

(Dan M) #8

Couple of things that I do that help me, along with the other suggestions made (e.g. partials, and grouping within 1 columns). One I use JW’s CSS Box stack and place multiple stacks within…then move at will. I’ve read that the stack has a low code footprint which helps to avoid and code wonkiness (this has been my experience). Secondly, if the items that I am grouping are modal elements etc., (i.e. they aren’t visible on layout) I place them in JW’s Static Height stack for grouping purposes. One can even set the static height to 0 and display that in edit mode, thus saving a lot of vertical space when editing. I too agree with others…that this would be a great app level feature. Hope that helps.

(Ben Balser) #9

" It’s just strange and incomprehensible why you can not hold the button CMD select several stacks and move them higher or lower."

Every application on my Mac can do this. It is an OS function. Select and either drag to move or copy/cut and paste. It is in fact baffling to me why this isn’t available in RW. Something all other apps take advantage of, and RW does’t? Seriously baffling.