Amazon Affiliate code - where to paste?


I’m going around in circles trying to figure our where to past the oneTag code Amazon affiliate code into my website.

Amazon says: Copy the oneTag JavaScript code and integrate into the footer/before the end tag of the body of your website.

In RW Code I only see pages for Prefix, head, and body.

I think i’ve tried pasting into Javascript before, but it says I shouldn’t paste script tags in there.

Any suggestions most welcome.

Thank you

What version of RW are you using? You should have the option for Javascript, as seen in the screenshot.

Hi Neil,

I’m using RW7.

I do have the Javascript box, however the tag code looks something like…

<div id="amzn-assoc-ad-7 etc etc <script async src="etc etc

The Javascript box says not to add scripts, which the Amazon code includes.

My knowledge of scripts and code is limited to copy and pasting them :-/

Hopefully this makes more sense to you than me,

Thank you

The Javascript section says not to add the script tags <script>. You can paste Javascript in there but just leave the tags out.

I would just try to put the whole code in the footer section and see if it works. Sometimes these external scripts can be trial and error.

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Ni Neil,
Thank you. I’ll give that a go.
I’m not 100% that Amazon telling me the code isn’t working that they are correct. I’ll investigate.
Thank you

Hi Neil,
I’m still trying to fix it…

By “put in the Footer section” do you mean manually add it to the footer of each page?

Thank you

Sorry, I meant try it in the “Body” section of the main code options.

Finally figured out why it wasn’t working, and below for anyone with a similar issue.

The Amazon code reads: script src=“ etc
This needs to be manually edited to read: script src=“ etc.

All the Amazon ads in my Teachers Blog are display as they should (touch wood, cross fingers etc)

Thank you

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