**An Exercise in Providing Feedback**

An Exercise in Providing Feedback

Hey all,

I have come across this site and thought is a great opportunity to give everyone the opportunity to chime in on what they think about it.

What Specific Positive and/or Specific Negative feedback do you have about this site?

What solutions would you proposes to address a particular opportunity for growth?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and providing mine down the line.



P.S. It is highly unlikely the owners of this site will ever see this post so feel free to be as candid as you like. =)


Does wishing to claw my eyeballs out and take an axe to my wifi router count as feedback?
Sheesh… would you like some HTML to go with that Javascript? :wink:

You think it’s awful, right?


@BrandonCorlett… wow… um… yeah…

I visited the site for a few seconds, didn’t like the lack of navigation, swiping in/out/up/down pages, seemed all over the place to me, confusing, frustrating.

Couldn’t see the flip content very well on my big monitor for the bottom 3 topics (cut off).

I’m doing my best to get all the panelling off the inside of my house, the last place I want to see it is on a website :wink:

It, to me, does not look like a site that I would go to for development of any site and imho is not that of a supposed professional design studio.

That’s the short version…

There ya go, run with it… lol


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@BrandonCorlett, forgot positives…

I like some of the images.

The banner on the first page is fairly nice (graphically but not too much colour wise)

I kinda like how they did their personal pictures… again colour issues though

I kinda like the way they did their clients list… did not check any of the clients out and will not provide feedback about their sites.

I kinda like the colour swatch thing (Contact Us) on their page bottom without the Contact Us text though, and the bottom banner (footer)

Everything else though… see previous post.


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