Honest & Constructive Feedback Welcomed

Hi All,

So, it’s been 7 weeks now using Rapidweaver and actually i have found it super intuitive and easy to use, but we all know that hence why we use it. My real question to you is can you provide me with some constructive feedback on a site i have built for a client.

I’ve used a few popular add-ons notably RapidCartPRO 4 and also the Tesla Theme.

Can you let me know what you would do differently and of course what you think would make the site better.

Appreciate people can sometimes jump on the grumpy train and rip peoples work to shreds but actually being on the forums here i don’t think you guys would do that…

Please don’t prove me wrong.

www.stellarevolution.co.uk is the site and please any questions leave them on here as this is for me to prefect my knowledge of rapid weaver.

Any feedback or “This is what i would do” comments keep them coming in and let’s see what we can do.

Thank you all.

Holding my breath and looking forward to seeing what you can provide.

All the best



I think it looks good, but I would make two main changes. I would lose the cream background and go for something darker so it pulls in with your menu bar. I also think that your course information box stands out for the wrong reasons. Possibly put a photo as part of the same image and move the writing closer (less padding).

You could also consider putting a couple of discreet but visible £ signs to make it clear what you do. It’s not immediately obvious.

Just an opinion :smile:



What @Bazza said about making it clearer what the site is about - perhaps add a site slogan? I’d also look at ways to move the photo up the home page so you can see it without scrolling down.

Main thing for me is that the site needs a really good proofread. Simple grammatical errors don’t inspire confidence.


Not very important but you use Split theme not Tesla ?

Hi Chris,

Here are a few things I would look at:

Change the colour of the navigation hover state to something lighter.

Try to create a balance or ‘symmetrical tension’ between blocks of text and images using white-space and consistent vertical spacing.

Try to create a visual ‘information hierarchy’ using headers: h1, h2, h3 etc., to catch the visitors’ attention when scanning the page.

On the Homepage, are the quotes really more important than the message… or are they just as important as the message? If they have the same importance then they should have the same font-size.

On the Product page, I would reduce the size of the headings, remove the top set of buttons and try to create three nicely balanced columns.

On the Level 5 page, the big yellow heading really doesn’t work. I would probably just use a simple h1 heading. Once again, try to create more of a visual balance.

Try to be consistent in the use of buttons: square or round corners, colour etc,.

For a great example of creating a visual hierarchy between sections of content, check out Realmac’s RapidWeaver page.

RapidWeaver Central

My two pence (and probably worth less than that)…

First, fairly simple, clean, and straight-forward. Not always easy to achieve.

Second, my suggestions:

  1. The site needs a bit of contrast. For me, it comes across far too
    muted/dull/neutral to provide visual interest.
  2. The page body background doesn’t really go with the header/footer.
  3. The yellow blocks seem more like stick-ons than attention-getters.

But, hey, what do I know. :wink:

I think possibly the company’s own logo and name could be used a little more to increase brand awareness and recognition. I know site visitors will already know the company in order to be on the site but currently their logo only appears as a small graphic in the navigation bar. Obviously avoid too much repetition and getting that fine balance is hard, but perhaps incorporating it into some of the images in the banners could achieve that.

Im going to be working on some of this today guys. I really appreciate your feedback.

I think the comments about the yellow banners on the product page is valid and we’ll play with that to see what it could evolve into.

Keep them coming and i will be taking action on your comments so thanks

If i can do the same let me know.