Feedback please on my new site?
Not sure if this is the place to do this or if it’s a done thing…but I would appreciate any criticism on my new site. It’s all done by me in Rapidweaver7 with Marvel Theme from Nick Cates and various stacks.
In particular do you think having a video header is a bad idea due to presumably lower load times for the site?
Also it’s a single page site with no blog. Thoughts?

All and any comments very appreciated

Seems to load quickly and looks clean and simple. What are you wanting from the site? I gather that you’re a sound designer/composer, but that’s not immediately clear from the site.

I hope that’s useful.

Thanks Barrie…good point!

It’s harder than it seems - I’m revamping my site at the moment. Looking at Realmac’s SEO tutorials are a good start. There are some free ones and some paid.

I agree with @Bazza about it not being immediately clear what you do- that’s an easy fix. I quite like the rest of the site, though I’d probably try and introduce a bit more space between the Rails side menu and the main body of the page. It feels a bit cramped.

A blog will obviously help your SEO - there’s nothing search engines like more than relevant, regularly updated content, but it depends of you’ve got anything to say.


Only see in mobile version. The scroll up button in bottom-right side is under the Facebook share button. You see only a little piece.

Hi Rob…thanks for taking time to look at it. Regarding a blog I have a dilemma…if I embed a blog into a one page site…it converts the index.html to a php and then the video header wont work. I tried this with Armadillo. Any in-line blogs that keep the index html?

Thanks! Will look into this.

I would change “BeautifuK” to “Beautiful” :slight_smile:

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Ha well no…that’s the name of the piece controversially. Not my choice but it did get a second name of BeautifuL…so I may use that.

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