Anchors away... why won't they work (again)?

And finally I figured out what was causing the conflict with my anchors. Every anchor above a certain point on my page worked ok. Every anchor below that point failed. The one anomaly was a stack holding a grid of photos. The Stack was Masonry. Once I removed that stack from the page all the anchors below it starting working. I don’t know the reason but Masonry definitely was the cause of the anchor failures. I also see that Masonry has been updated to Masonry 2. I was unaware of the update which probably corrects the conflict.

Glade you got it working, you still needed the update as the old anchor stack you were using used a depreciated way to anchor. It would not work at all on chrome (the most used browser).

Is this supposed to work with Chrome/Opera? I can’t get it to work using either Link Anchor or Anchor Point…

AnchorPoint and the updated Link ANchor both work perfectly with Chrome, Chrome Canary, Opera, Safari, and IE Edge.

AnchorPoint has always worked with all of these, the older version of link anchor does not work with Chrome.

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Strange because there is another post in the forum talking about it not working with Chrome & Opera (Problem with anchor link using RapidWeaver 7 with Stacks3, funny enough you are the one who gave the workaround through CSS :slight_smile: ) So, if it works for you I’m clearly doing something wrong, because I can’t get either one to work… Isn’t as simple as dropping an anchor on one page, give it a name, and call it via url/#anchor_name?

Since that post, the anchor link stack was updated. It previously used an HTML anchor tag with just a “name” attribute as the anchor point. The new version uses the “ID” attribute. The name attribute as an anchor point did work but has been deprecated in later versions of HTML5.

Since it is no longer a current standard, I would not expect Google to update Chrome to go back to using it.

AnchorPoint has always used the ID attribute so to my knowledge it always worked.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Anchor link stack 2.3.0.

Might want to check out this post Linking to an anchor on another page - yet again - #8.

Nope, I got it, there was one too many slashes in the url, I blame Gun’s & Roses for the extra slash :slight_smile:
Thanks for the replies @teefers