Is it possible to implement anchor links?

Is it possible to implement anchor links on a page containing stacks in RW 6.2.3?
If yes - how and does it involve extra code, or extra stack or some other add-on?

Karmela Faktor

Hey @Karmela_Faktor,
You can do this easily in RapidWeaver by default. Of course, there are a couple of add ons with more bells and whistles.

You can set this up by wrapping the desired text/area in a DIV ID. For example:

<div id="selector"> My content.... </div>

Then, for the link - simply select and right-click on the object (text/image) to add a link - delete the default value and add #selector

This will cause the link to jump to that area you’ve created. This may or may not work in some themes - I used one of the defaults provided with RapidWeaver.

Let me know how that works!

As Aaron mentions this can definitely be done. I use coding to do this. If you have a lot of anchor links you want to create on one page then an additional stack you may want to consider is Jump: it will create a table of content stacks based on headers (H2, H3, etc.) on a page. Great for lengthy detailed pages. More here:

Thank you Aaron and Mathew, I appreciate it. Going to attempt it it in the Nick Cates Union theme and will let you how it works.