Adding anchor in set link to a RW page

(Bill Fleming) #1

Is there a way to add an anchor at the end to a RW page in set link?

(Robert Ziebol πŸ––πŸΌ) #2

Use Joe’s free Link/Anchor stack:

(Bill Fleming) #3

It what I am using but how do I add #anchor in the Set Link to a RW page?

(Robert Ziebol πŸ––πŸΌ) #4

Ah sorry, you have to actually type in the URL and then add #anchor to the end of the URL.

(Bill Fleming) #5

Yeah, it what I suspect. I was kinda of hoping there was a way to link it to a RW page because I don’t change the actual folder names until the final stage of development. I guess I will have to anchor it during the final stage of development too.

Thank you

(system) #6

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