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Is it possible to use animated PNG content in any RW Themes? I found it was possible in Wordpress, but I couldn’t get on with the (Template) software.

Thanks !

Try using an image stack that uses Warehoused Images, that might work.

Depending on what sort of animation you want, you might consider animated SVGs. They’re very high quality and can be displayed in Big White Duck’s Blueprint SVG stack or various other stacks.

Thanks for the replies Guys,

@zeebe I have something called Freestyle by Themeflood that uses Warehoused images. I can get animated gifs to work this way, but not the animated PNGs.

@peterdanckwerts I’m looking for apngs specifically… I make them as well as the animated gifs, and want to display them. I agree the SVG animation is great, but it’s a bit too technical and code-based for me.

As of 22 June 2017, the only well-known web browsers not to support APNG are Internet Explorer(discontinued) and Microsoft Edge.
Looks like it takes javascript code to make it work.

Animated SVGs aren’t very technical or at all code-based in Keyshape. It also exports animated GIFs, animated PNGs, animated JPGs, animated WebPs and MPEG4! Mind you, I’m not sure many browsers support some of those. Also, I have to say that I’m having difficulty using animated SVGs as tiled background images. They’re very distracting anyway but I really want to get them working, just for the hell of it

@joe They’re more useful than people assume. I can use them in email signatures as well.

@peter That sounds interesting… I use Illustrator a lot, so a straightforward method of animating vectors might be very useful. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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