Animated Gifs in RW

Can anyone advise me on the subject of animated Gif content in older Rapid Weaver versions? Will I need to update my various software versions to get results? And if I do update, will Gifs and animated Pngs work in scaling situations?

I’m using the bgStretcher 2 Stack, in Themeflood XXL theme, in RW 5. It works well, but won’t allow animated gif content to play (as far as my attempts so far have shown).

Try this:

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Thanks Joe, I did see that…

It says it’s only compatible with Stacks version 3. I doubt I have that version, but I’m not sure how I’d check which version I do have…

And if I did get it, would it work in RW5?

That is very old…
I think you can add gif files in html…yell if you need me to send you the code.

Here is some code:

<img style="border-width: 0px;" src="upload://tk89JEiKKlsgyMggGLUNTqME85g.gif" width="85" height="63">

It is… I’m trying to resurrect an old site on zero budget, but I can hardly complain if I trip up.

HTML code sounds hopeful. I’ll give it a go, thanks!

Glad to help

Did that work…for the gifs and the email?

I managed to get your Gif working in there, but my understanding of html and RW are limited at best. I couldn’t get mine to run.

In the end I linked to versions that were running on another site. Seems to work ok, but I haven’t resolved my scaling background issue. I think I’ll have to make-do, until I spend some money…

Thanks for the help/suggestions. Most kind.


Where are your gifs located?
They have to be on your server.

Originally I was taking them from my Dropbox folders (same as my other images). They just showed up as static images. I then brought them in from my Wix site and they ran fine.

did you see the last version of my email/file send file?

Erm… You mean your reply with the flag gif and the code in?

Thinking of something else…sorry

Ah. Cheers, Joe.

I have just dropped GIFs onto the page and they work without any coding or stack.
The example above does scale in size.
This is using the current versions of Stack and RW8.

@joemart1951. Nice stack on the link you posted.

What stack?


I used it here:

That’s good to know, Stephen, thanks.

Cool animation!