Animated Top bar stacks/ plug in

Dear all, I’m new to rapidweaver. May I ask is there any stack/ plug in that can build more animated top bar other than the one in foundation stacks?

example website:

Thanks !!

Take a look at ScrollUp by Big White Duck
They are free (although if you like a donation for coffee is always nice). While you are there check out his other stacks for RapidWeaver and Foundation as well.

Thanks zeebe, how about the top bar menu in ?
How to make such layout arrangement? Thanks !

@webdeer has an example in one of his projects that I really liked: (this project is actually a Pulse CMS project, but you don’t need to incorporate the Pulse part of it).

So, you can definitely do some interesting animated stuff (via Big White Duck’s scrollup, scroll mate, Pin, etc).

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On your AAOS link - what is the animation/function you’re looking for there? If it is the ‘bigger’ menu dropdowns?

If so, you could accomplish that via Big White Ducks PopDrop stack, I think. Also, in terms of Foundation stuff, I believe there are plans for a menu stack or two in the future, but I don’t know when.

As Jason said, the BWD PopDrop stack creates the best mega menu. Essentially you put whatever you want into the mega menu in the form of columns containing menu links. I used the PopDrop Megamenu in my Project 5 navigation (see to display a first level of navigation, but you could add second levels in other columns, etc…

Thanks Jason and Gary ! That’s what I’m looking for.