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Hi to all,

I purchased RapidWeaver ver. 8.5.1., Stacks 4, Foundation 6.1.3, and some extra stacks.

I can’t find a solution for a menu button I would like to have on my page. On following page examples they used an animated menu button. Is there some way/extra stack or add-on for RapidWeaver to get similar result with menu button style when menu opens? Here are some samples: (only on mobile version, on desktop version there is no menu button),

I am thinking about something like that maybe:

Is there any add-on or extra Stack for such an integration?

Thank you all for your help and answers.


Hi kaktus.

For example Clean Menu ( uses an “animated hamburger-icon” (and others) … maybe this navigation is one you are looking for or you can use!?

Hi @timrw

Thank you for your help. It really is made in the way I was looking for. Are there also some other options you know perhaps? Is this the only one “hamburger-icon” type menu for RapidWeaver?

Hi kaktus.

Not only!
Have a look at the linked examples on the product-site from 1LD:
Burger, Dots and Caret.

I actually use this menu for one new project (real estate) - looks and works fine.

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You mean in “Clean menu” stack? Or in some other stack on 1LD page?

Great, I just purchased. Thank you for your suggestion, I think this is the one I have been looking for! :blush:

Great, I’m happy if you like it and I could possibly help a little bit. :slight_smile:

By the way: 1LD also has some other nice menu-stacks that uses “hamburger”:
Overlay Menu, Action Menu, Side Menu (but this without x-Animation)

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