[ANN] New RW/Writer v2.2 Update Is Here - Makes blogging with RW/Writer better than ever!

Hi Everyone,

Blueball Design is proud to announce the release of RW/Writer version 2.2! This FREE update for all RW/Writer blog stacks and web app users adds the three most requested features we’ve received from RW/Writer users, and also adds in a new Facebook social share button solution.

Here’s what new in RW/Writer v2.2:

  • Added new banner image display hud control for summary list view and
    full list view on main blog page. This allows your banner images to
    display on your main blog page now.
  • Added new custom author option in web app in the Publishing Options
    sidebar in the blog post window. Great to use for crediting guest
    authors on your blog posts.
  • Added 1 and 3 to number of posts shown in stacks hud control for main
    blog page’s list view. Now you can display the most recent blog post
    or the last 3 blog posts made.
  • Added new Facebook social share button solution that fixed Facebook
    share button issue that some users had encountered.

To get the updated v2.2 RW/Writer stacks, log into your RW/Writer web app account and go to the My Account > Download RW/Writer Stack page and click the red “Download Now” button near the top of the page.

Next install the new version 2.2 RW/Writer stacks and restart RapidWeaver (RapidWeaver 6 and RapidWeaver 5.4.1 compatible).

Then you will need to republish your RW/Writer blog page again so the new code in the stacks will be added in place. Once you do that, you can take advantage of all the new feature additions that RW/Writer version 2.2 has to offer!

Thanks again for your continued support of RW/Writer and your feedback! We will continue to work on making it the best and easiest-to-use full featured blogging solution for a Stacks page in RapidWeaver.


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