Announcing PageLoader 2 for Stacks

Formally developed by Aaron Marquez of StackManiac, I have recently completely overhauled this stack to greatly increase the number of supported loading effects, extend browser compatibility to cover more web browsers and improve reliability with popular RapidWeaver themes and frameworks.

What is it? PageLoader displays a loading indicator or progress bar as your webpage starts to load. It is useful stack if you have pages in your website that take longer than the recommend 3 seconds to load. It promotes better user experience of content-heavy websites and gives a stronger visual clue that a page is loading. Traditionally these sorts of loading effects were a feature of AJAX and Flash websites. Our PageLoader stack uses pure CSS / HTML code, making it totally relevant for modern websites!

You can select from over 30 different loading effects in the PageLoader settings. These include spinners, progress bars, animated shapes, percentage counters and custom text. More effects may be added over time. As a bonus, you can configure the whole page to remain hidden until loaded, in supported themes.

This version 2.0 of PageLoader is a FREE update for all existing users, including StackManiac customers. If you purchased the stack after 1st August 2015, login to your Paddle Locker to download the latest version. If you purchased the stack from Aaron before 1st August 2015, please send me an email requesting an update and attaching proof of purchase. For new customers, this stack can be purchased securely for just £5.00 GBP, including VAT.

A free demo version of PageLoader is provided on the product page, so you can fully evaluate this stack before committing to a purchase. Documentation is presented on the website and some basic instructions are displayed in Stacks edit mode. Mouseover each setting to see a tooltip about what each one does.



Very nice and demo works as expected

My only request would be the ability to add my own animated gif for true site customization… is this in the future of the stack?


@Turtle Thanks for the feedback.

As mentioned on the website already, we typically avoid the use of images or font icons. It’s something else to be downloaded from the server, and there is a risk they won’t display quickly enough for your website users to see, as the page loads. The key advantage of pure HTML / CSS indicators I’ve used in PageLoader 2 is their guaranteed instantaneous display every time, without fail.

If you want to email me more details and sample GIF images to try, then I can experiment with them for you. But I’m just setting your expectations and suggesting to you that they may not work quite as you anticipated. Graphical or font icon indicators are more applicable to Javascript events (like the opening of a lightbox) after the initial page has already loaded and the necessary files are cached by the web browser. With PageLoader, we’re working within that timeframe of the first few milliseconds, of a page beginning to download and render.

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Gotcha, thank you for the offer, I am sure you’re busy enough without my little whim lol

No worries, Still love the stack! will be a purchase very soon.