Customize Site Preloader?

Is there a way to customize (use my own picture) as the Site Preloader inside Foundation Site Styles? Or is there a Stack where one can do this? I would like to use something else than the presets if thats possible?

I’d like to use my own Site Preloader (Loader Style) inside Site styles for Foundation instead of the presets. Is there a folder where the Presets are in? Could someone lead me to that? Is it at all possible?

Here the Site Preloader:

Here the Presets


This is not possible, they are all preloaded and set in the stack, no folder contains them. Plus, any changes you would make to the stack, would get changed back when any updates were applied.

Thank you very much for the information.

Take a look at this stack, it has an option for custom image:

a quick example :

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Or PageLoader, which has a selection of different effects and is available as a free demo:

It has no image option, but then you probably would not want to use an image because it would just slowdown the page even more. It does support for custom text and all Font Awesome icons. Retina display optimized too.

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Wow! Thank you both for those suggestions. I will go and have a look at them…

For some reason very few of PageLoader options are working for me in Firefox 48. I really want to use the Barber Shop Bottom because it is less intrusive then Atom and clearly lets you know things are loading. However this shows across the entire screen from me in Firefox but works fine in Google Chrome and Safari.

Does anyone know if there are other page loaders, I am particularly looking for something that can show over the top of a large embeded PDF like Embed or PDF Embed.