Another CSS issue (style hyperlinks)

Hi, CSS pros!

I am struggling now for a few days with a supposedly simple CSS problem. I want to style hyperlinks. In order to apply custom CSS, I tried Joe’s CSS Box stack (BTW: I have the same issue with DeFliGra’s CSS on the fly stack).

The CSS Box stack has the class “cssbox”.

My (example) CSS code looks like that:

.cssbox a:link{color:blue}
.cssbox a:hover{color:red}

The hover color is applied, but the link color is not. Interestingly I can easily change the background color of “.cssbox a:link”. On the website, where I observed this issue for the first time, it was exactly the other way around: the link color was applied, but the hover color was not.

Adding “!important” does not solve this issue.

I created a tiny test website, which illustrates the problem:

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Two things,

  1. Your theme is applying grey text to visited links, so you will want to target those too with the :visited pseudo selector. You have set your test link to the same link as the page being viewed, which is why it is taking visited colouring.
.cssbox a:visited{color:blue}
  1. Ask the theme developer for an update to fix the missing theme colours. I still see things like %colour_links% in your source code.

The href of the link is empty. Give the link an URL (even a # will do) and your CSS will work.

Alternatively, remove the :link part of the CSS, and it will work with an empty href.

I would like to thank you both! Now it works.

One additional question: do you have any idea, why it works only if I add the CSS on each page? It does not work if I add the code to Settings > Code > CSS.

If you are using RW8, I think there is a bug that prevents CSS being written into the page. I have not been able to replicate it myself, but a couple of others have hinted there have been problems for them and have reported it to support.

Thanks Will! That’s good to know! Interestingly some CSS seems to be written, but not all.

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