Any chance to recover Ember development?

(Hector G Calleja) #1

Hey there!

I still use Ember everyday. I remember somebody said something about a possible recovery of Ember development a few months ago, but can’t find the post here.

Any news about this? It would be awesome to get Ember back with some improvements, like syncing with Google Drive to back up the library and get the library synced between computers.

More Ember fans around here? :smiley:

Kind regards

(Ken) #2

@hecthehec I’m a fan of EMBER and have it open permanently when working in RW (as I do with SQUASH).
I’m not sure what extra it requires as it’s fine as it is for me. Perhaps @ben might respond.

(M.) #3

Yeah I want to know too. There was an alpha announced last year, for Ember v2, but any mention of it was removed short after. So what’s going on?

(Ken) #4

@Mouton What we don’t know is how well EMBER sold at V1 and whether a lot more can be added to make it a profitable upgrade (i.e. a paid upgrade). As long as it keeps on working for me, as is, I’m not screaming for V2.

(Doug Bennett) #5

Since it’s no longer being sold or listed as a product on the Realmac site (just RapidWeaver and Squash), I wouldn’t think it’s going to get an upgrade.
If it’s working for you, then you’re okay for now, until something happens like an OS release that breaks it.

(M.) #6

well it’s not totally working… chrome extension is broken.

(system) #7

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