Several parts of RealMac website down

Purchased Ember late last week, but can’t download it. Both and are down and no reply from Realmac. Am I the only one that can’t reach those websites? And this forum doesn’t even have a category Ember…

People have been posting Ember issues in

You could PM @dan as he is the founder of the company and is in the forum

Hi @fdegryse, we are aware of some of the downloads being broken on the site and are working on fixing those. In the meantime, you can download the Ember beta at the following page:

Hi how to download the last version of Ember? Link above say I don’t have access my version is 1.8.3 and in app update is broken.

p.s. Is Ember dead again like LIttleSnapper?

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Aleksander Tymczenko

Yes. EOL’d some time ago… still looking for a replacement! It was terrific software but Realmac just wants to be a RapidWeaver company now.