Any way to fix the stacks scrolling to top of page after edit issue?

Hi All,

I’ve been gritting my teeth and bearing it but I’m throwing in the towel.

Every time I edit a stack, I get scrolled to the top of the page and I have to manually scroll back to where I was. This happens with every single edit so, to edit a text box for example, I double-click, get scrolled to top, have to scroll back down, edit and close stack, get scrolled up to top again.

it’s driving me insane!

Isaiah, anyone, any way to resolve this?


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I may be way off the mark here, but I seem to recall a statement from Isaiah somewhere to the effect that he had observed this behavior on pages where there is an HTML syntax error,

What happens when you open a brand new project with a pristine copy of a theme then drop in 10 text stacks then try to edit the 10th one (at the bottom)?

Hi Kryten,

Thanks, I missed that statement but it could very well be the case. I’ll give the new project a shot and let you know what happens.

Thanks for the reply.


Hi Kryten,

Looks as if you’re bang on the money as usual. It works fine in a clean project.

Any suggestions on how to track the culprit stack?


Well, you could try exporting the page then opening it in a text editor that supports HTML markup/syntax highlighting and try to spot missing closures or other errors? You can always send me the page, I’d be happy to look at it.

Or try this:
Note: I have never actually used that, but its worth a try.

Bet it will be one of those “of course!” moments though … :wink:

Great idea, thanks mate.

Unfortunately, RW refuses to export for me. I have an open ticket with RealMac about it and I’m still waiting for feedback. Last two updates haven’t resolved it for me.

Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on that!


I have the same issue, in various pages on various projects, but always if I’ve got a lot of information in the edit page that needs a lot of scrolling, so I thought it was just something that happens when it has to show all that information at once.

Thank you Kryten, you save my day… I did searching a lot on this issue…

I’ve been encountering a similar issue here with RapidWeaver 7 and Stacks 3.2.0 (Stacks page scrolls up whenever editing a stack). Any solution to this?

Hi guys,

This is a pretty common question. So I’ve added an answer here, with lots of details and step-by-step instructions. Feel free to add your own comments/questions:

tl;dr: Something on the page is killing the HTML rendering. It’s usually styled text, but HTML/CSS are possibilities too. Use divide and conquer to hunt down he culprit. Fix/Remove it from the page.



Hi @isaiah

Thanks for the link.

How can I select half the stacks on a page? I’m clearly missing something, CMD + click or SHIFT + click does not work for me and if I do them one-by-one Undo would only undo the last deletion?


@Beemerang - you can’t do it all at once, but it’s still pretty easy to delete half the stacks

  1. select the bottom most stack.
  2. press the delete key
    this will delete the stack and then select the one right above it
  3. repeat.
    you can hold down the delete key until half are gone.

and you can hold down Cmd-Z to Undo them back into existence too. :slight_smile:


Thanks mate. Always more than one way to skin a cat! :slight_smile: