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I noticed that when ever I remove or add a stack, the edit page jump upward so I had to scroll down to where I was working on.

is that a normal behavior?

Might want to check out this article:

I use lots of stacks, i start from blank foundation stack and build from there using stack but I don’t have or use Rapid Cart Pro.

Beyond the tips that are in the article @teefers linked to, I have also seen on some stacks (BWD’s are the ones that come to mind), where this behaviour can happen if you load a custom font and select the option to ‘show the font in edit’.

Then it may be BWD designs from maximal design. I am using one of his creation on the page. Going to check to see if show fonts are disable or not.

Thank you

Yup it was the “show font”, it stopped doing it after I disable it.

Thank you everyone …

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Always read the tooltips :wink:



I never use “show fonts” on RW edit and I always check fonts after I publish it to see if I got bitten by the CORS

Reason why this one was enabled because I copy/paste the stack from Maxium Design over to my project. I didn’t know it was enable by default at first. Now I know to check from this point on :blush:

Yes, I know you are not an irresponsible enabler - I only really posted that screenshot for others who find the thread in future.

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