Anyone else noticing Safari Page Reload failures?

(LJ) #1

In recent months I have noticed that website changes fail to show in Safari despite reloading the page. Usually have to clear history or use a different browser. Anyone else notice this and any ideas why?

(David) #2

I’ve noticed this as well (hard to miss). It seems Apple made Safari’s caching even more aggressive since several recent updates. They also removed the ‘Disable Caches’ from the Develop menu, and now only have the ‘Empty Caches’ option. It’s darn annoying, at the least. If I republish all files with Cache Busting links enabled, it does seem to show the new update, but only when you republish all files, which is apparently due to a bug in RW as mentioned in previous posts.

(Doug Bennett) #3

A new browser war is going on. Every one wants to be the fastest. Aggressive caching is an easy way to make things seem faster without doing much.
Chrome was already caching to much, now Safari has joined in.

(David) #4

Agreed. At least there are extensions for Chrome and Firefox to empty the cache with a click, but I haven’t seen one for Safari. Of course that’s just good for us developers, but still potentially problematic for visitors.

(Doug Bennett) #5

I’ve been using chrome for development browser for the last few years. Used to use Firefox back in the firebug days. Now with flexbox and CSS grid coming on strong, Firefox is way ahead in the development tool area. So I’m thinking about going back to that.
The reality is the development tools all do most of the same stuff, it’s just what you get used to using.

I know in Chrome under the network tab you can disable caching, but it only works while the network tab is open, just hit reload and if that tab is open you get a non cached load.

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