Safari Cache issues on reload

I’m having this odd issue upon the reload of pages only in Safari. When I first load the page it loads perfectly although if you simply hit the refresh button is seems the cache is conflicting with something on my theme/stack/etc… In the example below once you load the content then reload the video player fails to open as well as the map located just down the page a bit. Everything else loads perfectly but not those two stacks. I’m just not knowing if it’s a theme issue or stack issue or possibly a browser issue because all works fine in chrome/firefox. Not sure if there is a stack that forces particular stacks to reload upon the refresh?

Also I have heard of this “cache busting links” setting within RW7. Anyone know where that’s located to turn on/off? Might that alleviate my issues?

Any info is much appreciated! Not super technical so be easy on me. Ha!