Anyone else seeing this on some forum posts?

OK, not seeing this on all posts, but it is on some, look near the bottom of this screenshot:

Why is this starting to show on some posts??
@dan @Aaron @LaPan

It’s at the bottom of this post. Seems to be on all newly created posts.

OK, strange. Why though start this now?!?
Thanks for confirming I am not going bonkers! :wink:

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I’m seeing it too. Maybe it’s to stop people posting on 2 year old thread that’s not relevant any longer?

It is on this one too.

This was done in an effort to encourage users to create new posts instead of replying to older, probably unrelated threads. If you feel that 6 days is not enough time, you should let @dan know your thoughts.

I like the idea, it’s a good move but 6 days does seem a little tight, I’d have thought 2 weeks would be better.


This makes little sense. The original poster should always be able to update the original post to mark a bug reporting post or a question post as Solved or Answered. Recently there have been some enlightening and valuable posts brought back to life after many months. It there has to be a time limit then it should be 4 weeks as a minimum.


OK, that is good to know, just had no clue as to why I started seeing it. Thanks for all of the responses everyone. If someone wants to close this (@LaPan or @Aaron) go right ahead!

Yup, Joe is correct!

We’ll see how this goes, it should hopefully keep the threads here relevant, fresh, and on-topic. :slight_smile:



Seems like it only works on some posts
These don’t appear to have the warning and are pretty new:

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The blurb says, quote “This topic will close 6 days after the last reply.” - I wonder… how does the forum software know what the “last” reply is? (I’m being silly, of course.)

Perhaps it means “This topic will close if there are no new posts within 6 days.”

This topic was automatically closed 6 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.