look-a-like Foundry or Foundation Projects Anywhere?

Hello there!

I’m very interested in purchasing a Foundry or Foundation project that looks like Apple’s website. Preferably Apple’s previous website see here.

Are there any Apple look-a-like projects or themes out there I can buy? If not, do you know of any designers that are looking for work that will be able to help me create an Apple-like website?

Much appreciated!

@hipsterweaver @webdeer @jochenabitz @weaver

That can be done. Contact me via PM.

Totally possibile… If interested send a PM. I work with Foundation.

What exactly are you looking for in a project that looks like Apples site? Are there specific design elements that you are trying to achieve a similar or exact look? Overall look? Don’t forget that one of the reasons that Apples sites look so good is the quality and selection of fantastic looking products that on their own on a white page look really good.

Boutique theme: