Hi, I’m new to rapidweaver and I’m curious how difficult is to make a webpage that looks like current site (micro animations, layout, fade-in on scoll, etc…). Is there any theme that I could use for such a purpose? Is there anyone I can pay to create the theme for me or (if suitable theme exists) to create a sample page how to use it to achieve the result I want?


Easiest way to make a site look like another site you see online is what is considered a blank theme. There are many out there. Foundation, Foundry, UI Kit, Pure. These are blank themes that come with stacks. Then there are other blank themes that do not, Instacks and Themeflood both make a blank theme. One of these are your best bet to make a site like

I would also suggest you look at the free (donations accepted) stacks of Big White Duck - as they will help.

Good luck


Thank you very much. I will try those blank themes.

Depth can recreate the Apple homepage design with ease:

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I was thinking about it. So I finaly bought Depth. Thanks a lot.

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Excellent! :+1:

Thank you for your purchase :slight_smile:

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