Aptenon theme,RW8, h1 and h2 headers and seo

I just upgraded to RW8 and then watched the series of SEO tutorials on the RW site.
I re-did my web site with h1 and h2 headers as suggested.
However, due to the design of my site, in the General part of settings, I leave the site title and site slogan empty (since they don’t display with my design.)
I now discover (by using SEO RX from chillidog) that the site title is used as an h1 header and the slogan as a h2 header - and I have 2 of each (not good for seo, especially when one reads:
<h1 id="siteTitle"><a href="https://www.q-photography.co.uk/"></a></h1>)
Is there a way of disabling the use of site title and slogan as headers?
Or should I override them for each page and turn my header stacks into text instead?
This may, of course, be unrelated to the Aptenon theme, and be a RW thing instead.
What do you think @willwood?
There’s a sample page here: <www.q-photography.co.uk/wedding-photography.html>

I agree with what @barchard’s SEO RX says about titles / slogans and that also mirrors the advice given in my own SEO knowledge base article.

It’s best to think of titles and slogans as the elements that give your website “identity”. Because logo images containing text cannot easily be read by search engines and other services.

I would always recommend continuing to provide a title or slogan, in the RapidWeaver Site Settings. This establishes the name of your website and provides a distinguishing tagline.

In some newer themes, the option to hide titles or slogans can be found in the theme style settings. Normally a checkbox setting. Although it may also be done as a colour picker, and setting the opacity to 0% is as-good as hiding it.

In older themes or themes that don’t carry these settings, you can often accomplish the same with custom CSS code. In the case of the current Aptenon theme, as of April 2020, the CSS code to use would be:

#siteSlogan {
    display: none !important;

This has the effect of hiding the title and slogan to normal website users. Only your logo image is shown. However, and more importantly, a title and slogan remains for search engines and other services, in the page source code.


Many thanks for this @willwood.
So, best practise would be to use site title and site slogan for h1 and h2 headers and only use a header stack for h3 headers.
Am I correct in that?

Yes, your H3s - H6s are typically used in the main content area or sidebar. You can use as many of these as you want. They help with formatting the page and splitting it into different sub sections.


It is possible to re-purpose slogans and use them as the main introductory heading or title of the page. Examples could include the name of a product or the title of a blog. Therefore you have a unique ‘slogan’ on each page. I have used this in the past, and it actually works very well.

But if you decide to keep the title and slogan hidden, it’s always best to do this stylistically with CSS. In other words, keep something in the source code for search engines and other tools / services to use. Don’t just leave empty heading tags.

Many thanks again @willwood

Just made the changes and ran it through an alternative seo check, and all is good!

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