Is this CSS useful/needed?

Hi all. I’m not a coder, but as I was updating my website I noticed this CSS in most of the pages. Is this useful, needed? I guess it’s referring to the title and slogan which is all one graphic image, and it includes “h3” which is useful for SEO? I don’t know when I got it and put it in my site, must have been many years ago. If it’s useful maybe I should make sure it’s in every page, or if not, then I can delete it everywhere. Thanks in advance.

Do you have a URL? Would be easier to tell for sure.

The first bit seems like it’s hiding the theme’s slogan (I’m not sure why it would, though, as opposed to unchecking it in the RW project settings).

The second would be changing the size/colour/font of the H3 headings. That one would seem necessary, I think.

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Thanks Jason. The URL is

I think when I first built the site in RW3, maybe you could not uncheck the title and slogan, and so I made them white, to be invisible over the white background. Someone must have given me this code then. I just checked and realized that I could now uncheck them in RW8 (having just upgraded from RW6). So I guess I’ll uncheck them on all the pages.

If I keep the h3 code and make sure it’s on all pages, does it need to start at 9, as in the screenshot? (I have to learn about code someday!!) Thanks!

Oh ok, yeah maybe the title/slogan was their for SEO purposes, but hiding it on the page because you have your logo there as your branding.

The h3 code doesn’t need to start on the line it is on (#9 in your screenshot). You can copy and paste it and move it to the top to tidy things up. But that code is targeting, for example, the bit that says Introduction to the Popenoe Method on this page:

Uh oh, now you’re getting beyond my pay grade, :slight_smile:
So it’s not necessarily pointing to a title on the same page that it’s on?
If I copy the whole string on the screenshot (which looks the same on every page it appears) and paste it in the CSS window on every page, what will that mean? worth doing, right?

In RW8 (not sure if it was the case for RW3) there is a spot for site-wide code (you put it in once and it applies to each page) or you can only include on the pages where it is needed. RW3 may not have had that and so it would’ve been included everywhere, in the event that you included an H3 title.

The code is just saying: if any H3’s show up, override whatever style they have with this:. So if you have no h3’s on the page, it becomes meaningless code (and a bit untidy) but it’s not going to hurt anything.

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