Issue with built in Title and Slogan fields

Rapidweaver 8 is giving me the option not to use the built in Title and Slogan fields in the “General” settings. Also I can choose not to override the default H1 and H2 settings in the “General Settings” of the Inspector. And that is exactly what I did in my last project with the Lux Theme, I all unchecked them. By doing so I’m creating a lot of space above the page and instead I added the H1 and H2 headers in the page itself.

The result of these choices is that in the code the H1 and H2 headers are appearing twice which I think is the reason why online SEO checkers report double H1 and H2 headers. Below I pasted these code fragments.

I believe this is a contradiction. I can choose to deactivate Title and Slogan fields in the “General” settings but these are still added to the HTML code of the site by Rapidweaver. I don’t want this to happen and now I’m looking for a theme which only is adding my custom H1 and H2 headers are in the HTML code. In the Blank theme for example this is the case.

Because Foundation of Joe Workman is a highly customisable theme I wonder if this theme also does not add empty headers besides my own in the code automatically?



Hi Jeu,

These heading tags are nearly always set by the theme.

If you uncheck the option in the RW settings to disable the title or slogan, all it does it to remove the text from between the tags. It is the same as not typing any text in the boxes.

Ideally you should always provide a site title and slogan. It is needed to give your website identity - vital for both accessibility software (like assistive screen readers) and also for search engine optimisation. Empty titles and slogans are not a good idea in any website.

Some themes give you checkbox settings (in the theme style settings) to hide the title and slogan. Meaning they still contain the content vital for SEO and accessibility, but they are hidden when you view the page. And ultimately, these such settings would probably also help you clear-away surplus spacing, padding, margins, borders, backgrounds or other artifacts that may otherwise persist.

If a theme doesn’t give you settings to hide the title and slogan, it is often easy to accomplish with custom CSS code. In your example, the CSS code to use would be…

#fade_titles {
	display: none !important;

Something like that would work to hide your website title and slogan. But more importantly, you can keep them populated with the name and tagline of your website or webpage.

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Hi Will,

Thanks for the css code, now the empty H1 and H2 headers are not present in the HTML code anymore.
I already tried this but my owns css did contain the wrong class.


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