Are all of your Chillidog websites up? - YES THEY ARE

(Rob Beattie) #1


One of my Chillidog websites - - is down but the others are fine.

Anyone else experiencing any problems?




All I’m seeing there is a white page. Not a sign saying the site is unreachable. Clearly something is wrong though.

EDIT: 2 minutes later a message has popped up saying it failed to load because the server isn’t responding.

(Rob Beattie) #3

Yeah that’s what I’m getting and concurs.

So, waiting for @barchard to get back to me.



(Gregory Barchard) #5

No server issues. I recommend checking for a PHP error log file. This is usually a PHP error on the page.

(Gregory Barchard) #6

Correction. Your domain in question does not point to Chillidog:

It looks like domain has expired


(Rob Beattie) #7

Cheers for the prompt response. I’ll get on to them.


(Rob Beattie) #8

Yup, client hadn’t renewed domain.