Relocated our site - some thanks!

We’ve just relocated our main site from GoDaddy to Chillidog Hosting, and I wanted to say a big thank you to Greg @barchard, who has been so helpful with getting the migration done as painlessly as possible. I can definitely recommend Chillidog - the site is way faster now!

We did have an initial obscure (YouTube Playlist-related) issue with @willwood’s superb ProGallery 3 stack, but Will has been incredibly responsive, and worked very hard to resolve them, which I’m so thankful for - I know he’s incredibly busy.

Adrian at @vibralogix has also been brilliant. The procedure to migrate Sitelok is baked into the product, and couldn’t be much easier. Despite this, I had a small issue with the Customer Files plugin, which he logged in and fixed for me in a matter of minutes.

Now we just have to migrate another four sites - all should be much simpler, happily!


That’s awesome to hear! The Realmac site is also hosted over at Chillidog and I couldn’t be happier with the service :+1:


Greg has helped me too many times to brag about. Chillidog Hosting is a reliable partner for sure.

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