Are there tutorials for Multi Gamma theme

I just purchased Multi Gamma theme. Based on what the website said it could do, many features must be tucked away. where can I find video tutorials or a clearly written manual for this theme?

I don’t have the theme I’m afraid but Multithemes’ themes usually come with a bunch of extras in the downloadable file - example theme, extensive readme.pdf and so on, which contain instructions on how to use their Plus codes and stuff like that.

If not, mention them here @MultiThemes and I’m sure someone will be along to help soon.


Hi @Vinnieweaver2 in the DMG file you can find a demo project with several pages of the demo online, all pages that do not contain commercial stacks.

Examples with our Plus code, replacing background Extras Contents and so on.
Both RW 6 and 7 projects are available with the same content.

hope this helps

Thank you

I think I am missing something. When I drag an image into the banner slot under the general tab in Gamma, it does not show up in the banner, even though it appears in the slot. It does appear as a Lander banner but when I switch back to Gamma it is still the red flowers. Can someone tell me what I am missing and how to do it right.

I have exactly the same problem! Anyone have a solution?

@Vinnieweaver2 @PJFW01

Gamma is compatible also on RW6, by default the first image is not a banner image; this mean you must select the BANNER image in “Background” option (covered or tiled).