Putting extras into Gamma from Multithemes

I got some “extras” in the DMG for Gamma. What I didn’t see was how to install them. Can anyone help?

Is there anyone out there using this theme? Is it working for you?

I don’t have this theme but I see there is a demo file included. Have you given that a shot? If you right-click the demo-project-gamma.rw6 and open it in RW7, it might give you a better idea of how the theme works.

Yes I have opened it but I do not see any instructions. It seems to be just a practice site.

Yeah, I thought if there was something in the demo that you wanted to replicate, you could reverse-engineer it a bit. I’m not much help otherwise without having the theme. I assume you’ve dropped the multitheme guys a line with your questions, hopefully they’ll be able to help you out and you can report back.

I sent a message but no reply yet.

  • Demo project RW6 + RW7
  • External link to download some free stacks used in the project ( install the free stack)
  • 15 images used in the demo project (folder: images_examples)
  • an image for the background replacement (folder: test for RW resources )