Armadillo blogging, any video links we can watch?

I’m having trouble setting up my blog using Armadillo, have contacted the support ticket line but they say they can take 5 days to get back to us :(. I’m looking at the online videos for Armadillo but I can’t see one which shows you how to set up a blog page in Rapidweaver and how to then activate it by whatever you have to do inside Armadillo online. At the moment all I’m getting are errors. Is anyone using Armadillo who can advise?

@Mathew put together a as he called it, long video. I haven’t watched it but you might want to give it look.

Thanks Doug, yes I watched that one already, but I think I’ve taken a wrong turn so the video doesn’t quite help as much as the support team might be able to. Will email him about it whilst I wait for them :-(. Wondering at this point if I should just delete everything and start again.

Have you got a URL? It should be fairly straight forward to set up but difficult to imagine what those errors are without seeing them.

Hi Doug, my site is here, but I think something happened during the set up process. I got as far as the initial install, and I got into the Armadillo dashboard to make a blog post and I published it. But now I can’t get into the Armadillo area anymore, I didn’t keep track of the url to get into the backend but I’m presuming it’s Is that correct? When I go to this url I get a page which says ‘slim application error’ and an incorrect layout. Where do we go to login to the armadillo dashboard?


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