Armadillo Issues

I am attempting to use Armadillo blog stack on my website, but I cannot get it to link to my database. I have checked the settings several times and my web host appears to confirm that all is order at the server end.

The problem appears to be that somehow Armadillo is picking up previous user names and passwords etc from another Armadillo blog that I had on the same website several years ago. Is all this old information stored somewhere on Rapidweaver even though the blog page was deleted long ago? If so, is there a way to clear and reset it please? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

When you say that you delete the old blog pages, did you delete them on the server? RapidWeaver doesn’t delete anything that you have published. You need to delete them mainly (FTP app, or a file manager).

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Thats very helpful. I hadn’t realised this. I will attempt to do this on the server. It is strange that when I check the error messages on the Armadillo report, it shows database server name and login from several years ago and makes no reference to the old settings. Thank you for your advice

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