Armadillo CMS - Use on multiple sites?

Hi there. I’m looking to create a site with some editable text areas and a simple blog page. I’ve used Pulse Pro in Freeway but am not so keen on the monthly subscription plans that they’ve introduced.

I like the look of Total CMS but think that might be a little too much for what’s needed on this project (and costs more) than Armadillo CMS.

I have a question - can I use Armadillo on multiple websites in the future or do I need to by it over and over again?

Many thanks


You can buy Armadillo over and over again. I’m sure the developer would like it! But kidding aside, you only need to purchase once and then use on as many sites as you want. Pretty good, eh?


Hi Mathew

That’s great. I think I’ll dive in and grab a copy of Armadillo and see how I get on.

Thanks for letting me know on that.

Cheers, Paul

If it’s any help, I’ve used Armadillo for a couple of years, maybe longer, and found it to work really well - particularly with non-specialists nervous of editing web pages. It’s also solid and never fails.


Another option to throw into the mix is Sentry CMS:

The emphasis of this one is on simplicity. Sentry is very quick and easy to get working. It’ll do simple editable areas of text really easily, but does not have blog support. Perhaps consider the free MicroBlog stack if you need to pull a Tumblr blog into your webpage?

If you are concerned about complicated or escalating licensing costs, then Sentry might be a good one to look at. The licensing has recently been relaxed and its basically a stack you buy once to use over all your projects. Technical support is free for the setup of your first website with Sentry.

Since we are throwing in other CMS options, don’t forget Easy CMS

Joe recently updated it to include a lot more than just text and images.

@willwood - Using the MicrBlog stack, are there any integration concerns with the tumblr api? I believe there have been problems with other stacks integrating tumblr, such that the tumblr feed failed causing posts to not display on RW sites.

@bwdorsey MicroBlog does not make use of any API keys. It uses your blog RSS feed - which is already publically available for search engines, social media and news aggregators to freely use. In effect, MicroBlog can best be described as being an RSS reader.

The stack simply works to convert the the XML into HTML code. It does a little bit of other trickery to try and detect the types of blog posts and to also markup images, audio and video appropriately for different web browsers to access.

About the only way Tumblr could ever kill-off MicroBlog would be if they were to cease providing public RSS feeds. Which for a blogging platform, would be a crazily stupid thing to do!


Thanks for the useful information!

Can I question this again please? The Armadillo dashboard resides on your site. I’m trying to use MAMP to test a second website and can’t see how to set up the Armadillo database in MAMP because it’s already been created on my first site. Can you really use Armadillo on multiple sites?

Yes, you can use on multiple websites.

I don’t use MAMP so I’m not sure what the issue is there. It could be a limitation of MAMP for all I know. But, yes, you can install on as many servers as you want. Each one will need it’s own database, etc.

Thanks Mathew, that’s great news. How do you go about creating the database?

The video I created on Armadillo was quickly made and a bit long but may help here:

With most hosting services they provide very easy ways to create a database. Most services offer an area called Cpanel. Go to that area when you login to the web portal for your hosting service. Then choose mySQL Database Wizard to create a new database. It will take you through all the steps. It’s essential that your write down and store the database name, user name, password.

Attached is a screenshot of the first step you’ll see in the Database Wizard.