Can you edit online?

is there a way to edit rapid weaver online? i’m getting to the point where i’d like my assistant to do the brunt of the updates but there’s not a great way to transfer files back and forth without damaging them and potential overriding work that each other has done previously :confused:

Check out CMS options -

Pulse CMS

(probably others)


Not out of the gate. You’d need to set up editable components using one of the content management systems out there (Easy and Total CMS, Armadillo, and Pulse are the most common).

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Hello @bls,
Well, its possible to edit content online (cms), but its not possible to add or edit plugins or stacks. This can only be done rigth within the software. To let your assistant do some.updates etc. he/she may fetch the backup from the server, as it should be the latest released version of the website (as long as you back up you’re site every time you publish it).

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Thanks for the helpful info. I’m actually a bit green when it comes to all this so not exactly sure what the suggestion is-- does this mean she just edits the FTP files? Not sure how those CMS things work. I wish there were an online version of RW. :frowning:

It is unclear what you want your assistant to update. If you want them to update content (text, images, embedded materials) then using a CMS (content management system) is the way to go. If you want them to edit any of the structure of the website (involving things such as adding stacks to pages, etc.) then you are out of luck: you probably want to very carefully share RW project files.

I use Armadillo for CMS and love it, but as mentioned there are other options out there. You’d need to read about them. If you are potentially taking about several sites then one big advantage of Armadillo is you pay one price and can use it on as many sites as you want. Other options charge on a per site (or per domain) basis.


You have to differenciate between editing the content of a webpage and editing the webpage itself.
CMS (content management systems) allow a client to change text, images, linked files etc. on a page but not (or better: not necessarily) to edit the structure of a page or an entire site (change the layout, add / drop pages, create nested subpages etc.).
There are some CMS that do this (the former “big” names like Joomla, WordPress, Typo3, Drupal etc.), but the CMS available for RW focus on the content.
Some at least offer limited options for “content layout”: they provide a text container that can hold images as well. By aligning them left or right you can change the look of the page (with limits).

But what you’re describing sounds like “RW project to be maintained / edited” from two computers in one office (company). This is not the classic use case for CMS. It rather calls for two installations of RW and a central archive of RW projects that are then edited either by one or the other user. This can be done, however you need to make sure that both RW installations include the same arsenal of themes, theme styles, plugins, stacks and other addons. In order to open a project on a different Mac this one needs to have access to all elements used in the project.
If you keep that in mind and update both systems simultaneously, this would work without problems.

Wow thank you for all the valuable feedback- you’ve all been extremely helpful!

We’ve just today release the RapidWeaver CMS Course — it’ll show you how to add online editing to your RapidWeaver site!