Best CMS addon (Online Editing)

Hi all,
From your experience which CMS you have used for your clients and they found it easy and sufficient to update their content, upload images and etc. at their end… Thanks

+1 for Armadillo (which I have used), and Joe Workman’s Total CMS etc (which I haven’t)

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+1 for Armadillo. I’ve tried Total CMS but not enough to comment.

Total CMS or Easy CMS can do both. You can try them out on the CMS website.

+1 for Armadilo, which I have started using some day back and it is completely rocking. I have not faced any major problem yet.

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+1 for Easy or TotalCMS from Joe Workman

One of the problems with CMS is not being able to show an example of it in use (not without compromising the a site anyway) so you’re going to have to go on other users recommendations, additionally not to many people will be using more than one in anger so their views are generally singular.

What I really appreciate about Easy and TotalCMS is the ability to create the admin page(s) just like you create any other page, it means you can make the page to suit the users abilities, you can even create 2 admin (or more) pages that edit the same info but design them for 2 different users (skilled/unskilled).

I have used and recommend Armadillo and Dropkick CMS. I would recommend both. If Dropkick gets a page based content taxonomy sorted it then it will be formidable. Easy CMS from JW is one I look forward to playing with in due course. Total CMS looks great, but the licensing model isn’t going to work for me personally. If it does for you, then its probably a no brainer, specially if/when the blog becomes available.

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Thank you for reply, appreciated!

Thank you for reply, yeh the licensing issue is a big deal :slight_smile: appreciated!

Thank you for reply, valuable information and instructions. appreciated!

Easy cms works for me
But you need page safe also to lock it down

Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your reply! good to know!

Thank you for sharing!

@kryten Does Dropkick work with Tsooj’s RWML? A client needs simple and easy cms. The site uses RW5.4.1 and Stacks 2.

Hi @eagerweaver

To be honest the answer is “I’m not sure” simply because the the content from Dropkick is injected into the page (DOM) via Dropkick script and I wonder whether that would perhaps bypass the RWML handler. I’m not familiar with that stack so cannot say for certain either way.

Let me look into it (I don’t have the stack to test with at the moment) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope that is okay.

Sure. Thanks for responding, @kryten . I’d be glad to hear what you can find out.

My Two Cents… I chose TotalCMS due to its modular approach, and because it was built by the developer behind the Foundation Theme which I have also started using. Another strength is the ability to custom build the admin panel to suit your specific needs. TotalCMS reminds me a little of another flat database CMS (WebYep) which I have used quite extensively in the past. For me its the modular approach that I love.

The licensing model is actually something I just became aware of last week and not sure if it is a full price purchase or just an add on license fee.

As for which is best… I have found that most developers in this community work hard to build great solutions and each has it’s own strength. Do the research and experiment with a demo if one is available.

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@TeamSDA, I have TotalCMS. Will it work with RWML? The client only needs a very simple CMS. I’m also wondering if Joe Workman’s EasyCMS can work with RWML. I guess I can give it a try.

As for TotalCMS licensing, it is per domain. But you have fuller control of the entire site and you don’t have to pay a monthly or annual fee and does not require a database because it’s a flat file CMS.

Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

Sorry Cielito… I am not sure about that, just got hands on with TotalCMS recently.

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