Armadillo with Foundation Site Styles stack

I am using the Armadillo Headlines Stack. The title of the blogs that it headlines uses the built-in H2 style. However, since the blog title is a link to the actual blog, I was expecting it to be coloured as for the link colour. However it isn’t. Is there a way to control this?

Do you have a URL to your site?

Sorry it’s not published yet. In development.

It can be done with CSS, but it is difficult for folks to help without a URL. Even a test page on your site would work.

This is the CSS I have tried both in Rapidweaver in the CSS section for the specific page and also in the Armadillo General Settings section.

.armadilloBlogHeadlineEntry h2 {

You will need to add a # infront of the colour for the colour to work. I.e. it should be #df4720

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That’s all it was! Thank you so much. My first CSS customisation successfully completed!