Armadillo text colour change!

Can anybody help me with a little CSS code before i consign Armadillo to the bin please!
Im trying to get all the text on an armadillo blog to be black! Simple eh? Er, no!
All the tags, catagories, read more…, author are all in white text (not good on a white background)
How on earth do i change this?
I thought this would be really easy but its fast turning into a nightmare!
Armadillo just seems to ignore any theme styling that is applied!

URL please so we can see the code

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Here are a few edits I have done with Armadillo CSS on my site that might help identify some of the elements you will need to edit. In my case I haven’t always adjusted the colour, but there are a couple to use as guides.

.blog-permalink { color: #0375B4; }
.blog-entry-date { margin-bottom: 20px; }
.blog-entry-title { font-size: 2em; color: #0375B4; }
.blog-entry { border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-width: 2px; border-color: #FFCE00; margin-bottom: 34px; }
.blog-entry-body { margin-bottom: 34px; }
.blog-entry-tags { margin-bottom: 40px; }
.blog-tag-cloud { margin-bottom: 34px; }
.armadilloPageContainer {margin-top: 40px; margin-bottom: 80px; }
#blog-categories { margin-bottom: 34px; }
#blog-archives { font-style: italic; margin-bottom: 34px }

hope it helps

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Not a clue what I’m doing with either of those guys, sorry Steve and Gary… never coded before!
Tried copying them in and maybe I’m doing something wrong but i can’t get them to work!
Why is nothing easy anymore unless you know how to code?
Why not just have something within Armadillo’s settings so you can change simple things like text colour!
Bonkers… completely bonkers!

I added this before and it worked but only on the categories!

.blog-categories a,
.blog-categories a:visited {
color: #000;

.blog-entry-category a,
.blog-entry-category a:visited {
color: #000;

Scott here’s the url

try this as a first step:

.blog-entry-body { color: #000000; }
.blog-entry-tags { color: #000000; }
.blog-entry-category { color: #000000; }

there may still be some other things that you might need to edit to get it to look the way you want

The text within the blog is black.
But it should also say
Read more…
Category and Date.
It’s those I’m trying to change.
Im guessing they are in white text as they don’t show up!
They become a pale grey when you hover!

try to target these (Page UI css area) & see what you get{
} {
} {
} a {

Ok, so now i get everything in the Blog Navigation stack showing up ok! (although they don’t work as links, i thought they would be clickable to take you to certain tags or categories… But, one step at a time i guess)
Im still not getting the Read more… within the Headlines stack!
And in the Armadillo blog stack I’m still getting no tags, author or category!

here are a few more targets I see
use the same basic CSS as the others
blog-entry-tags a
armadilloBlogHeadlinePreview a

links should work, something is over them
show a screen shot of your page in edit mode

I don’t have armadillo, so just a guess.
can you put that bottom Fireside English (I am assuming that is the full post) on the same page as the blog list above?

Yes that is the same post as the headlines above.
Here’s a screenshot…
Im not sure that I’ve entered the code correctly!

Here’s how it currently looks and how it should look with text highlighted.
Read more, author and tags are still white!
This is pretty daft isn’t it?
It’s just a simple website with a simple blog and it’s a nightmare!

It doesn’t make much sense to me that you would need to do this much via CSS, but maybe so. Like I said I don’t have Armadillo.
Did you try changing the colors with Foundation site styles first? - Just curious…

The read more author and tag elements are:
blog-entry-tags a
armadilloBlogHeadlinePreview a

do them the same way i.e.:{


Try this:

.blog-entry-tags a {
    color: black;

That should address the tags and author.

As for your top section, looks like you’re using com_onelittledesigner_stacks_Simple_Divider_stack
This appears to block the ability to click. Try removing that stack and place your Armadillo stacks in foundation column.

The cause of most of your problems is Armadillo uses the delivered blog CSS from themes to format. Foundation is a theme that only is designed to work with a stacks page and has none of the standard blog CSS in it.


Maybe I did it all wrong but when I wanted to change the appearance within my blog I used the Custom CSS within the settings page of Armadillo

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@swilliam Nothing works with Armadillo from the site styles… I’ve tried and tried and nothing!
Although i have entered all the codes from you guys! the blog just doesn’t work how its intended too!
Yes ok, the text finally i could make black but none of the archive links are clickable… it doesn’t even say archive!
The read more… bit just doesn’t work at all.
Ive done another test blog already but it was using a theme! the big problem here is foundation as @teefers said!
I haven’t a clue how to make the archive links clickable, but it works well on my other test blog!
I don’t even know if this is something i should ask the foundation guys or the armadillo developers (who for me the support has been really poor, takes forever to get a response)
@grajay that is a much better way to enter css… probably the correct way too.
Don’t know what to do next really… other than send another ticket in.
Maybe changing the container box colour for armadillo would work, but it wouldn’t make the archive section clickable!

That’s brilliant Steve… and works really well. I’d love to get it to work like that.
Plan was to eventually move the headlines once it all worked right.
I’ll try removing it, see what happens!

Ooooh that works :slight_smile: The links are clickable now…
Ok, getting somewhere, thanks Steve

On the Bikespanner blog I’m guessing they are headlines?
So where do you put the main blogy bit?

Right yes, that works well.
Got rid of the headlines.
It’s just the bit that says Category, Tags and Read More… that i can’t get to change to black as you currently cannot see them!