Ask us a question, and we'll answer it on the show!

We’re getting ready to record the next RapidWeaver podcast and we’d like your feedback and questions so we can answer them on the show!


  1. What did you think of the first episode?

  2. Do you have any questions about RapidWeaver or Realmac?

Let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them on the show!


Hi Dan, hi Ben,

I really loved listening to the first episode of the RW podcast and am looking forward to the next show.

Although you’ve already talked about in your first show I would like the following question to be answered (since I also think that would interest a lot of people): Do you plan a “Typed” Blog-Plugin for RapidWeaver 6? This way a Typed-driven blog could easily be imported inside a site built with RapidWeaver. Now that Typed is up and running it maybe isn’t a big problem to link or import the blog content into RW…? This way RW would have a built-in blog which could be edited remotely from one ore more persons.

Best wishes from Germany,

@RapidBase thanks, we’ll answer that on the next show :wink:

Anyone got anything else they want to ask?

Hey @dan and @ben, here are a couple, kind of related.

  1. I know you have stated in the past that you guys are not Stack makers, but have you ever thought about diving into the stack development to bring your plugins into a stacks page?

  2. Now that RapidWeaver 6 is working so well for so many, have you ever thought of releasing other plugin page types as add-ons?


You alluded to it in the first show but how about a piece on site traffic/marketing/tags and tying this in with Rapidweaver?

  1. Love the show, great job.

  2. Would love to hear you guys talk about. User Membership Systems in Rapid Weaver, and possibly if you would ever and could ever integrate one into Rapid Weaver into the future?

  3. Would love for you guys to critique my personal website at: I also take website creation jobs from there.

If you like you can critique the new website I just launched for a client yesterday:
This has been completely done with all the latest stuff: RapidWeaver 6.3.2, Foundation 1.5.9 and beta 15 of Stacks 3. :slight_smile:
Additionally I’ve used some great stacks of Nick Cates Design for the Slideshows and the page PROJEKTE (Light Page and Superflex).

@RapidBase we talk about your site on episode 2, how you like the show :smile:

@dan I already listened to the show yesterday and like it a lot – just as the 1st one! It’s very nice listening to Ben and you talking about all this RW-related stuff.

And thanks for mentioning my hobby project :slight_smile: Although you obviously had real big problems with the word “Schulungen”. Hey, it’s such a nice word! :wink: The pronounciation is just like “shoeloongen” and it indeed means training.

You can see here some of the latest client sites I’ve been working on:
If you like one of these (maybe the first (latest) one you may of course also mention them in one of your forthcoming shows when there’s room for some user-site-critique…

Love the show notes that you have on the Podcast site, but wondering if you can make those links open in a new tab or new page. Was listening to Podcast #2 and started clicking on links and it stopped the podcast to open the link in the same tab.
Just would help!

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Will chat to Ben. In the mean time, CMD + Click opens links in another tab :slight_smile:

I know that, but wasn’t expecting it to happen as I was listening and deciding to click on a link. It is an easy fix, just thought I would point it out! :wink:

Thanks for all your questions so far, I think we’ve answered all the question so far.

Anyone else got a question for us?

Hi Guys, enjoying the podcasts - keep it up, it really helps foster that community feel to Rapidweaver that’s out there !

Question: Why, when I have saved my site, then go to ‘Export Site’ does it tell me my document has unsaved changes and do I want to save? I click ‘ok’ and it exports the site, then leaves the document in an altered state (when I’ve made no changes)…


Hi Steve,

Thanks, that’s great to hear :smile:

Oh, and we’ll try to answer your question on this weeks show!


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Thanks for covering my question, just heard it today :slight_smile:

I just discovered your podcast and quickly listened to them. I look forward to many more. I have leaned a lot. While not a power user, I am a mid-level user. Your shows have taught me that I should add Foundation, and I just bought their bundle. (I also picked up Timeline and Post Office after listening to you)

I have a few questions;, but I’ll start with just one.

Is there a way to incorporate fonts that I have purchased and (licensed for web use) into RapidWeaver pages so that whatever browser people view my site on, they will always have my fonts?

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


That’s great to hear!

We’ve also just recorded episode 6 (should be out tomorrow) and answered your question on the show :smile:


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We’ll be recoding episode 8 next week, so post your questions here to have them answered on the show…

Hi guys, here’s a question for the show: As Stacks seems such an integral part of most Rapidweaver users toolboxes, have you ever considered buying Yourhead’s technology and baking it into Rapidweaver as standard? Not sure if either party would be keen on that for whatever reason, but it’s something I’ve wondered… cheers, Stephen.