RapidWeaver Podcast: Ask us anything. We need your questions!

Hey all,

As you might know we’ve restarted the the weekly RapidWeaver Podcast, and we need your questions.

So, post your questions here and we’ll do our best to answer them on the next show.

Dan (& Ben)


There are many RapidWeaver related sites out there, which is great, and a few of them use RapidWeaver in their domain name. So if someone was thinking of starting an RW related site for stacks, themes and tutorials etc, What’s your policy for other people using the name RapidWeaver in their domain name?

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Okay here is a general one that may help some people. I see a lot of script related questions on the forum.
A lot of users seem to be confused about adding javascript in the page inspector code area, and they include the <script> </script>
Explain how to do it correctly, what if I have 2 or 3 scripts do I remove all the <script> ? just the first one? Why do you sometimes need to split the code and put part of it in the head section and part in the js section?

And while we’re on this topic how does a user get code inserted at the bottom of the page that some scripts want?

Maybe you could follow this up with a sticky forum “how to” post

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Could we get an update on the status of typed.com? LaPan said something hapining with that in a forum post awhile back.

Hey i have found that RW6 showed a thumbnail of the home page of a recently opened a project.

Please can we also have that feature in RW7, thanks.


Lots of simple questions that needs to be addressed.

Saving of custom versions of a theme…

  • A methodical way to do this efficiently.
  • Different themes for different pages, pros, cons, problems (yes there are)
  • Themes, etc intended for Retina Display “QuickLooks,” Lightbox views.

I’d like to hear about how to use GitHub (perhaps more specifically GitHub Tower) with RW projects. Actually a “Ben Video” on this topic would great!



any more questions? We’ll be recording tomorrow morning (UK time) :smile:

Well hello there, tiger!

I’m sorry I haven’t called in yet this season but I started a new business a few months ago creating hilarious protest signs, and business has been booming lately! But rest assured that I have been listening to your silky smooth voices each week. Your inability to stop giggling at breast euphemisms last week even inspired a new pun for a protest sign. Another cheque cashed for the ol’ Jabo!

As for a question - I’m wondering if you’re planning to integrate Squash into Rapidweaver at all now that you own it?

I may not be able to call into the show in person to ask my question - I have a VERY promising opportunity with a friendly Prince from Nigeria who is in a bit of bind. Could be quite profitable, we’ll see. Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning (UK time).


I sure hope Jobo doesn’t call in this week :joy:

I’ve tried placing a document on my site. I’d formatted it in photoshop, basically making a one sheet item. What is the best way for it display properly? Using RW7

Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the show :disappointed:

We try and do it in one take as we’re both busy working on Weavery things — but I’d be interested to know what you thought needed editing?

We’re always trying to improve :slight_smile:

@SteveB: The banter is a humanizing part of the show. It is indeed a 40+ min show, so a few minutes of fun and idle chatter between brothers is a nice way to break up what could otherwise end up being dull bullet lists of RW news and updates.

The show is a fun listen each week. I love the bits where @dan and @ben are just “shooting the breeze” with one another. :+1:

All that being said, keep listening through to the end. You’ll find lots of RW talk. :wink:


Good thing you missed the bit about coffee though, in fairness, that was a result of your question :smile:


Why don’t you make an effort to bring on some guests (other than Jabo-shtick )? I would be interested in hearing from some of the developers on the podcast. For the last episode, it would have been great to have Joe on talking about his new stack for Sitelok.

Doug A.

We’re planning on doing this in the future!

By the way a Fakir (pronounced fahk-ear) is “a Muslim (or, loosely, a Hindu) religious ascetic who lives solely on alms.” He was associating it with the types one might see in cartoons sleeping on a bed of nails. So yes, it was a dig at RW inasmuch as he was saying publishing in RW is like sleeping on a bed of nails, something only a fakir could enjoy.

For me RW’s publishing in 7.2 is just the opposite - fast and reliable, as it seems to be for the majority of users. Good work guys! :slight_smile:

I have to confess I listened to a podcast last year some time, and gave up listening to the inane chat and in jokes.

But just for a change I thought I’d give it another try and clicked on the link in the opening post. The link did nothing except go to a blank page (eventually) - might this be a reflection of the content of the latest podcast I wonder?


Can you believe they ran out of time to answer the real questions this week because they spent around 5 minutes answering the first one about Lidl coffee.

Between the innuendo, giggling and banal chat there may be some useful tips but it needs sorting. How about just doing the RW stuff at the start then doing the brotherly bit after so anyone serious about RW and not interested in the monotone sniggers and vocal mimicry can switch off?

Think I’ll just give up on podcasts and drink tea.