Aspen Theme, twitter, X etc

Is there a way to integrate the new X, Twiiter, Logo on the Aspen theme? I am not ready to move away from Aspen yet but I want to be able to keep it up to date. It seems like RW is not really moving foreward much and much of the emphasis is on elements but I’m not ready to make any changes just yet.

This post is rather similar to another one from a few days ago.

I’m looking through your purchase history and I’m not seeing any purchases for the Aspen theme under your name or email. Did you purchase it under a different name or email address I can check?

I see two themes you are using for a couple of your sites (Ebb&Flow theme and Depth theme). Which site are you using Aspen on?

Feel free to send an email to us at with those details so I can help with this.

I bought it from Nick Cates years ago.

I don’t have twitter on that page its another project I’m working on.

Awesome, can you send that purchase receipt over to us at the support email I provided in my last comment? If you can’t find the old purchase receipt, you can use Nick’s old Order Lookup system here

I need to get it entered into our billing system so I can get an updated copy of the theme sent out to you.

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Awesome, I just emailed it.

Great thanks. Just sent the updated theme file.

Let me know if you encounter any troubles with anything.

I appreciate it. I am still not seeing the X its a still the twitter bird.

Check the social-icons.txt file that was included in the zip file. The available social icons are in alphabetical order. Scroll down to X. Use that code when placing your social icon in the theme.


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