Purchased Aspen from Nick Cates. Do I get updates from Realmac?

Ok…I bought this theme from Nick Cates back in 2019…I know he is no longer working with Rapidweaver…so what’s happening? Do previous purchasers get any upgrades? Is RealMac taking over the theme?
Sorry, confused!

Hi @pigglypots we are taking over the theme and offer basic support to all existing Aspen customers.

The theme is pretty much the same, so you’re fine to keep using what you have. We’ve just tweaked it to have Realmac branding, etc.

Documentation and videos can be found on our help desk, here’s a direct link to the Aspen support: https://help.realmacsoftware.com/kb/en/aspen-theme-49214

There’s an FAQ there too, and we’ll update it over time as questions come in.

Hope that helps.

Hi Dan
Thanks for the clarification…will take a look at the support pages etc

I too bought the theme from Nick Cates in 2019.
I have the version - aspen_1.0.2
How do I know this is the latest version? And if there is an update how to go about it?

We don’t have a list of Nick Cate’ customers so we can’t issue updates to users that previously purchased from him. We will however do our best to support you.

Customers that purchased directly from Realmac Software will receive updates (should the need arise). Right now, we believe the theme is great, and no updates are required.

We have an FAQ available here, that will answer any questions about Aspen that you might have:

I went here (https://nickcatesdesign.com/rapidweaver/) and used order lookup and the link to 1.0.7 was emailed to me - have downloaded - includes Aspen stack, Aspen theme and a RW8 project file (no Split stack…although is the ‘aspen stack’ the split stack - could Dan clarify?)

The “Aspen stack” will install three separate stacks into RapidWeaver. Hope that helps!

Got it
Thank you

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No problem, glad I could help!

Oh and if you’re enjoying Aspen, we’d appreciate it if you could give it a review and a like on the Community site :pray:

When Joe Workman took the NCD stacks he emailed all purchasers with links to download JW versions and has provided updates, with licences now supported by him so obviously obtained purchaser details.

As Realmac have taken the themes (well Aspen and Royale so far) is there any reason why you too couldn’t be furnished with the purchasers list for themes the same as Joe was for the stacks?


@Gyrothex Good suggestion. We didn’t get customer details for these from Nick, but I’ve dropped him an email and requested these now. Once we have them we’ll start emailing users with instructions on how to download the Realmac branded themes.

We have just one more theme from Nick Cates to launch (Marvel). Should be available in the next week or so.



Thanks Dan I and many others would really appreciate that. It would be great so fix some issues with Aspen without having to move to another theme/platform to resolve them (see my post under the Realmac Aspen Announcement)

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