Assets for Ben Counsell's Foundry course?

(Noah Palmer) #1

Ben’s Foundry video course is great. However, uses a lot of photos, icons, and such. It would be nice if those were included with the course, as they are with Ben’s Rapidweaver introduction course.

I’m having to stop the Foundry course periodically to hunt up graphics to use as I follow along with Ben creating his example site.

(Jason Bostick) #2

There was a link here: 🎥 Learn How To Build A Responsive Site With Foundation Or Foundry but it looks like it is dead. I’m sure @ben can update the link for you

(Noah Palmer) #3

Thanks! I hope that Ben is on the forum and sees it.

(ben) #4

Hey @NSPalmer

Here’s an updated link to download the Foundry Course Assets

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the course :smiley:

(Noah Palmer) #5

I downloaded them. Thanks, Ben!

(system) #6

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