Foundation vs Foundry Courses

Is there a comparison posted about the differences between Foundation vs Foundry - to help determine which path to follow? Or should one dive into both?

There is a Forum Thread here

That goes into the this debate. Just trying to not bring back another long forum thread, so I suggest you read that one.
Good luck with your choice!

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As with most things, it depends… You can’t go wrong with either, it just comes down to which one you prefer building sites with.

The only true way to know which one best suites your needs is to try both. That would obviously mean purchasing both, which might not be an option, so the next best thing to do is read through the documentation and watch the video tutorials before deciding.

I’d suggest you start by reading through everything on both the Foundry and Foundation sites, here are the links:

Foundation —
Foundry —

Then, you could watch the two new courses we’ve just released, you’ll see me build the exact same site in Foundry and Foundation — so watching those might also be a good place to start as you’ll be able to compare how to build a modern site in both frameworks.

Foundry Course Info —
Foundation Course Info —

If you subscribe to the RapidWeaver Community site then you can watch both of the courses here

Really it just comes down to personal preference, there’s no right or wrong here — one is not necessarily better than the other.

I know there’s been a few threads about Foundry vs Foundation, so have a search for those as there’s plenty of information and option already on this forum :slight_smile:

Good luck, and happy weaving :smiley:


Please disregard…got a better way to approach the assets issue. Sorry for the bother

I have posted this before but for some reason am unable to find it…

I feel like the assets or resources used by Ben in the (Foundation) tutorial need to be made available so that, as a student, you can follow along.

Can someone at RealMac respond and let me know if you can post a resources folder?

Thank you!


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I had sent him a PM. I heard back earlier today and he stated he is looking at checking the licensing for some of the stuff. So not yet sure if he can due to this. He did say he would address it ASAP though. Just wanted to share this so everyone knows Ben is checking into it. Thanks Ben for your help!

Thx @MelRay!

Brian from support also reached back out to me to say he would talk w/ Ben.

Hopefully they will find a way…

See this post for a link to all the assets: 🎥 Learn How To Build A Responsive Site With Foundation Or Foundry