Foundation Tutorial Course - need the images

(Emily Alexander) #1

I purchased the Foundation tutorial course. I am trying to build the web site along with the instructor. He is using a site logo, a banner and other stuff that I do not have.

Is there a place where I can download the necessary elements to build the web site along with him?
My zip file only included mp4s.
Thanks for help.

(David) #2

These recent posts may be helpful to you…

(Emily Alexander) #3

Any progress in getting the images, etc for the Foundation tutorials? I am not sure how I would be notified if they became available for download. Thanks for any update or help.

(Psalm66_ Ray) #4

The purpose of the 2 videos is to teach how to build a web site using either Foundation or Foundry; not to provide graphics for the students. I do not understand why you would need the graphics he used - just substitute your own! :sunglasses:

(Doug Stansfield) #5

Well, @Psalm66_, you must be further along than some of the rest of us. Having the resources that Ben used would facilitate the course quite a bit. It would enable the student to focus on the rudiments that are the point of the course…and facilitate a successful experience much more quickly. I, for one, have been slowed considerably by not having these resources available; and think it was a fundamental oversight. I hope they can overcome whatever IP issues there are and fix it for “the rest of us.”

(Psalm66_ Ray) #6

“Must be”? That’s quite an assumption given the folks running and contributing to this forum! Thank you! Much appreciated and Merry Christmas.

(ben) #7

See this post for a link to all the assets: 🎥 Learn How To Build A Responsive Site With Foundation Or Foundry