At an impasse at Nick Cate's Writer theme

Adding a “stock” Rapidweaver photo page in Cate’s new Writer theme - I have no way to change Cate’s “canned” banner picture on this type of page? On Stack pages one adds, etc , you just add your photo, double click it, and type “page-feature” in alt tag in the panel that comes up. But under a “photo” or “contact” page for example, you do not get this path for the user… umm, so I do NOT know who or see how to change his “canned” image?

Emailed him once, either this assistant didn’t understand my question or his answer did not help me… I am at an impasse. Emailed again mid afternoon. no response… hopefully someone here can shed some light on this? Thanks!

I found out how on my own, stumbling along…

Hey Tim, glad you found your solution. It might be a great help to someone in the future if you put your solution here so others looking for a similar answer can benefit from your find.

You are correct, LaPan.

Here goes: When overriding Cate’s stock banner images (Writer theme) when adding a Rapidweaver “stock” page like contacts, photos, etc. of all places, you drag and drop your image into the “sidebar” panel. Then you can double click the sidebar image, and it will NOW bring up option for the alt tag - that’s where Cate’s standard instructions of entering “page-feature” comes into play. If everyone already knew to do this on contact, photo pages, then the egg is on my face… as I didn’t have a clue?

As you can see, w/ zero specific instructions regarding these type of built in pages in rapidweaver (vs a stacks types page, etc.) in Cate’s “manual”, I was at brick wall… His assistant has still not followed up w/ a more specific email on how to accomplish this on that type of page. No, I did not email them back to tell them I had figured it out, because I wanted to see if they would respond to my 2nd email… the answer is not yet (I would not call this timely). So far, my past customer experiences w/ Brandon Lee and Michael David response to issues has been much better than w/ Nick Cates (Cate’s staff answered initially very quickly and referred to me to the manual that does not contain this answer - his assistant also said to look into “resources”. I could not even find a category about “resources” in his manual. Frustrating )

Thanks for filling everybody in. Great information.

You bet, LaPan. His assistant did email later today w/ the exact process I stumbled onto in the wee hours last night. Yes, not in the “manual”.

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Thanks Tim, I had the same problem and your way works perfectly.
Now, if only they can make the sidebar floating and sticky! (Yes, I’ve already asked NCD)

You bet, Warp… kind of odd instructions/path to adding an image on those type pages are vacant from their help file…? I’m very surprised I stumbled on to the answer at 2 am, as I’m an illustrator not a code guy :wink: NCD’s assistant did follow up w/ me, and confirmed my solution worked. :wink:

Thanks for pointing this out Tim, it’s a case of thinking I’m being clear and simple - when I could be doing a much better job with more detail. On the manual for Writer, it says “Add an image to your page” I assumed the sidebar was apart of the page, but I get that this isn’t clear. I’ll correct this now.

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I’ve done this but my custom header only shows in preview, not on the published site. Help please someone.